Shereeda L. Bowers is the Author of “Empowered For Purpose,” From Pain to Promise!

In her book Empowered For Purpose” Bowers gives us insight to her personal trials by way of using poetic expression. Bowers states that her love for writing began when she was in the fourth grade at Springdale Elementary School, located in Memphis, TN. Although she is not mentioned in the dedications of her book. Bowers is not short of giving credit to her third and fourth grade English teacher Mrs. Burton, for instilling within her a love for writing.Bowers stated jokingly with a smile, “I thought she was the sweetest meanest teacher ever, but I’m glad that she pushed me.’ She would give me candy, let me be the bathroom and hall monitor, tell me how good I was doing, and slap me with a 500 word write off at the same time. Ooh wee! Mrs. Burton did not play. I would get write offs because I used to daydream in her class. She would hit my desk real hard with the long wood ruler she used to point at the board, and yell focus. I think I had a write off everyday! At least it seemed like it. She use to say it would keep me from daydreaming so I can wake my mind up in her class room. That year, I couldn’t wait to school got out. When the summer came I thought I was Mrs Burton free. I was so excited. I was going to the fourth grade and I thought I never had to deal with her again. As sure as my luck, She ended up taking a position as the fourth grade English teacher. So I had her in the fourth grade as well. I can remember asking myself, Why is she following me? ‘But I also remember not having to do any write offs’ that year because I was ready.”’

Bowers said it was soon after that she began to create stories, and songs to pass away extra time. She had developed a greater love for writing that drew her into a part of her imagination that she probably wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for her teacher. Her new found desire to write soon became a need. She would often write as a coping mechanism to escape the hardships she had to deal with an adolescent going into adulthood. Hence the subtitle of her book “From Pain to Promise.” Now she is a mom with children of her own. Bowers says, that she often refers to a lot of Mrs. Burton’s teaching methods with her own children.

Shereeda Bowers was born on May 6,1982 and raised in Memphis, TN. with her mom (Debra) dad (Melvin), sister (Ashley), and brother (Brandon). She is the oldest child of the three. Bowers is a single mom to four beautiful girls whose ages range from seven to fourteen. She’s a proud aunt of two nieces and four nephews as well.

When we asked Bowers about her motivation for writing she simply said, “writing.” She went on to say, “My inspiration to write is writing. I love how free I feel when I finish. It truly helps my soul to have a greater peace. I love how writing allows you to speak as loud as you would like, yet remain silent.” Which is why I openly express myself about what I went through in this book. When I write I feel Empowered. Renewed even. I see myself, my faults, and vision a lot clearer, therefore I recognize my purpose. When I write I release my pain, and focus on things that are more promising. Which is why I chose to do a poetic reflection of the things I’ve experienced in my life. This is how I came up with the title “Empowered For Purpose,”From Pain to Promise.”’

Besides being a busy mom, she works as a Certified Nursing Assistant and is a college student at the University of Memphis. She is currently seeking a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Journalism. While working on her degree, Bowers is also working to establish herself as a business owner in Corporate America. Being the proud owner and C.E.O. of God Ink Music & Publications, a Limited Liability Corporation, she is more than thrilled, and looking forwardto being established in a building by the summer of 2012.

God Ink Music & Publications’ goal will be to bridge the gap between Poetic Art of the Spoken Word, and Music. Bowers plans to bridge the gap by establishing a platform for artists to showcase their art pieces, poets to speak and record their works to music, give self published Authors low cost publishing, and access to a studio and publications that will record it all. Bowers hopes to build greater revenue and exposure for her clients and company by way of her company magazine named “Speak Loud.”

Speak Loud Magazine Is published on a quarterly basis and is a magazine with a purpose as unique as its name. Speak Loud is the first of many publications to be published by God Ink Music & Publications and is said to be the magazine that will Speak for the company by it’s excellence in showcasing our unique differences, while uplifting each person, communities, and the artists. Vol1 Issue 5 Laverne Adekunle_C.E.O. of La' Expose

It’s Mission is :”To provide a literary platform that acknowledges the unique difference of each person as well as the artists. Speak Loud will acknowledge aspiring and established artists, authors, poets, writers, musicians, athletes, business, and people who are doing great things in their communities. ‘In doing so, we hope to give our audience a magazine filled with Insight, integrity, Inspiration, and information to not only uplift, but also educate our readers about the literary world that surrounds them. Our goal is for each reader to become more inspired and enthusiastic about life and the pursuit of their goals. We want each reader to either gain, realize or find, a new since of accomplishment, hope, joy, love. To have pride in their families, and more so, in themselves. To have one person achieve a new found since of elevation will further substantiate the mere essence of what we as a company are trying to achieve. It highlights the purity in what we believe in, and establishes who we represent. Giving all glory to God! We are proud to be Speak Loud. Special People Elevated After Knowledge Living Our Unique Dreams.”

Speak Loud, which stands for Special People Elevated After Knowledge, Living Our Unique Dreams, next issue is due to be published in Oct. 2011, and can be purchased at To contact Author, Shereeda L. Bowers you may e-mail her at